# <img src="https://codimd.web.cern.ch/uploads/upload_45a14e417e9a8ade007f06e7b9420356.png" style="border: none;background: none;box-shadow:none"> <span style="color: MediumSeaGreen">*deployment status at CERN*</span> 08 October 2019 [Julien Leduc](mailto:julien.leduc@cern.ch) for the CTA team --- <h2>EOS+CTA <i style="color:blue;">Architecture</i></h2> <img src="https://codimd.web.cern.ch/uploads/upload_e764d94a4ee3ac79c328ea0d21a6a128.svg" class="plain"></span> --- ## ATLAS 2018 recall campaign CTA migration instance `eosctapps`: - 5 hyperconverged servers - 20TB of SSDs - 10 tape drives` ---- ## CTA share in daily total recall volume <img src="https://codimd.web.cern.ch/uploads/upload_a3e2e74e123fd54914513bba10fe5c22.png" class="plain"> --- <h2>EOS+CTA <i style="color:dodgerblue;">Production instances</i></h2> Getting ready for the final migration: - final buffer hardware on its way: - racks are cabled - network switches allocated (600Gb/s of BW) - 30 hyper converged servers mid October - Production ready beginning of November ---- ```graphviz graph hierarchy { nodesep=1 // increases the separation between nodes node [color=Red, fontname=Courier, shape=box] //All nodes will this shape and colour edge [color=Blue, label="25Gb/s"] //All the lines look like this Router [shape=circle] Router--{SwitchBuffer} [label="3x(2x100Gb/s)", fontsize=15, style=bold] Router--{SwitchTape} [label="7x20Gb/s", fontsize=15, style=bold] subgraph cluster_level1{ label="EOSCTA Buffer infrastructure\n3x10 hyperconverged servers" color=dodgerblue fontcolor=dodgerblue SwitchBuffer SSD01 [color=black, shape=cylinder] SSDXX [color=black, shape=cylinder] SSD16 [color=black, shape=cylinder] buffersrv01 buffersrvXX--{SSD01 SSDXX SSD16} [label=""] } subgraph cluster_level2{ label="Tape infrastructure\nXX tapeservers" color=crimson fontcolor=crimson SwitchTape SwitchTape--{tpsrv01 tpsrvXX} [color=Blue, label="10Gb/s"] SwitchBuffer--{buffersrv01 buffersrvXX } [color=Blue, label="25Gb/s", style=bold] {rank=same; tpsrv01 tpsrvXX} // Put them on the same level tape [color=black, shape=Msquare] tpsrvXX--tape [label="360MB/s"] } } ```
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